Top 5 Tech Toys at the New York Toy Fair

This year’s International Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York City was full of nostalgia, with toy lines celebrating LEGO’s 60th anniversary, Mattel Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary, and Marvel Studios’ 10-year anniversary. 

However, this year tech toys were anything but retro. From build-your-own robots and augmented reality the kids and big kids alike will be feeling as high-tech as Tony Stark.

Here we look at the top five tech toys coming this year.

Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie

Last year Hasbro dazzled spectators with their wall of dancing baby Groots, this year they are back with something just as cute for the avid Star Wars fan who can’t wait for the new Han Solo movie.  The new Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie is sure to be on you Christ-err-mid-September wish list. Released in Autumn this year, the 16-inch rebel smuggler comes with voice and sound recognition allowing it to respond to your voice and over 100 sound queues, including the famous Wookie Roar! It also responds to motions from inbuilt accelerometers allowing it to laugh when it is tickled and curl up for a nap when placed down. Your favourite Wookie Rebel is set to cost £90 when it comes to stores, so it is not cheap, but it looks like hours of fun. If the line at Disney World for a hug with Chewie is any indication this looks like a Christmas best seller.

Kamigami Robot Velociraptor

Mattel and Dash Robotics have teamed up to bring the coolest robot dino yet. These Jurassic World inspired creations come in two variations, Blue the velociraptor and the villainous Indoraptor. The kits are made from a series of plastic parts which snap together to form a shell. The really exciting part is in their movement which is looks very natural, the way the tails swish and legs move you would think there were tiny dinosaurs roaming the floor. The robots can be programmed to do your bidding from a simple interface on the Kamigami mobile app, allowing you to augment aspects such as eye colour, movement and sounds. These robots are expected to sell from £60, before the release of Jurassic World 2

Air-Hogs Super Nova Drone

In recent years drones have become a main player in the robot and tech toys ethos. The Super Nova drone puts a new spin on this craze with gesture control. Imagine dropping your drone and it suddenly coming alive, a flick of your hand and it moves in the direction you want. But that isn’t all it can do, with other gestures it can do tricks like “orbiter, super throw” and “boomerang.” If you don’t think this sounds cool, check out this videoand be impressed. The Super Nova will be released in August this year for £40. 

Hot Wheels Augmoto AR

Growing up, my Hot Wheels went on some crazy adventures which usually involved a lot of slow motion drifting and imaginary massively over-the-top explosions. Now Hot Wheels is adding a new element of excitement by showing kids the explosions, smoke, missiles and lightening through their iPad AR app(no word on Arduino compatibility yet). Using the Augmoto track, two players face off using Bluetooth connected tablets. The engineers from Matel are still developing this toy, crucially getting the balance between AR and physical world perfect, so no release date yet. However, it should hit the shops at a loft £120.  

Learn and Think Roctopus

Fisher-Price wants to help get your child interested in music and to do that, it’s encouraging your kid to make as much noise as possible with the company’s Think & Learn Rocktopus. This educational toy lets your tot create music using special pods that she can drop into the Rocktopus’ arms. Instruments range from drums and guitars to horns and maracas. The Rocktopus also features three different play modes including Math, Music and Game. It’s a fun toy that’s sure to keep your kids entertained and your medicine cabinet running low on aspirin when it hits the market for £60 this fall.

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